VJ Screw Machines

The current market for CNC machining and Screw Machine Product is competitive. Our unique blend of “old school” European craftsmanship coupled with state of the art technology and customer service keeps companies like yours coming back for years. Our clients benefit from an experienced team that always works hard to get the job done. Our team’s commitment to hard work and maintaining a strong work ethic allows us to meet or exceed customer quality expectations.

High Quality Craftsmanship

VJ Screw Machine has been servicing an array of clients since 1979! As a family owned and operated business, we have a proud tradition of going above and beyond our client’s demands and requests to deliver exceptional value. We push the concept of quality to the next level and take it very seriously. Our company was founded as a screw machine shop and over the years it has transformed more into a CNC shop.

We Deliver on Time

Our company is strategically located close to major arteries, an international airport and a seaport. We serve Montreal, Quebec City, Toronto, Hamilton, Windsor, Calgary, Vancouver, Detroit, Cincinnati, New York, Buffalo, and other cities throughout Canada and the United States.

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